Friday, December 31, 2010

So long 2010. Hello 2011!

First, let me extend my warmest wishes to all my blog-followers, readers and friends for a very blessed and happy New Year.

Lots has happened to me in 2010. I've learned a lot about not only myself the author, but myself the person. I've made great friends. I've lost some too. I've learned trust is a shaky thing—and online, it's nothing you can count on. Still, the good times out-weigh the bad ones. I look forward to making more friends in 2011.

I give a lot of thanks on this day. To my readers for sticking with me when I make a mistake in a story, and have provided me with the constant support to move forward. To my editors, Maria, Toni, Sandi and all the great gals over at Cobblestone who've held my hand, and at times bashed me upside my pointed head to make my story better and my career stronger. To my Cover Artists, who are too numerous to mention by name, for my excellent book covers. To the Mother Ship who, to this day, reminds me that just because I've gotten praise, being a writer is a humble profession where what you think you know is a lot less than what you will learn. To my Publishers, Cobblestone Press, Eirelander Publishing, Liquid Silver Books and Whiskey Creek Press Torrid for their interest in my books and their continued support.

2011 will be a challenge, one I look forward to. If you haven't heard, I've picked up two new publishers for 2011. Decadent Publishing and Breathless Press. And for those of you waiting for the next Kingdom of Stars story or the third installment in the Hellfire Club, they are coming.

So, here's to 2010!

Best to all of you!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Eirelander Publishing Books are on SALE!

Hi all,

Just a heads up, my two stories at Eirelander Publishing are on sale for 20% off at their website and at select third party distributors.

For the Eirelander Site use the discount code: 48213416

To purchase at third party distributors and check out all the titles Eirelander has on sale, stop by:

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Happy shopping and happy New Year to all,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Gotta Say!

There was a phrase taught to me when I first started to get edits. "Sit down. Shut up. And do the damn edit." I guess that's what you get when you come from a family of writers. You are told the blatant realities of this industry, whether you want to hear them or not. It was also part of the reason why I was reluctant to become a writer. I did have the horrifying opportunity of watching my mother and my aunts sitting at the dining room table discussing edits. The thing to remember are many of my early memories are of my mom sitting at a typewriter working through edits.

The one thing I learned from those memories was edits weren't personal. Harsh comments were a part of the process. Getting her to work through the problems involved in the story was imperative to the editor making the story as great as it could be. That would be the editor's job. Teaching her how to improve her work was a part of the daily grind.

Lately my mom has been driven to really start making noise when it comes to 'authors' who refuse to do edits or go running to their pubs when they get "there little feelings hurt" because they weren't told – "you're book is so great, I can't stand it". With all her experience, I suspect she's allowed to shoot off her mouth about this new trend in e-publishing where authors go 'boo-hoo' and get their way. And, with Nano coming to an end – it's only going to get worse. The publishing houses will be inundated with stories that haven't been edited or are just slapped together because, and theses are her words, "Congratulations, you managed to string fifty-thousand words together that make absolutely no sense".

One side of her problem comes from 'so-called' pubs out there who will take anything just to fill a slot. Her fury level is on maximum with some of the quality coming out of e-publishing houses. Her words again -- "Watching paint dry is more interesting than this story." "If this editor knew a thing about actually editing a book, he/she would be dangerous." "It's obvious to me the author thinks they should get a pat on the head for being whatever to whomever with a story that stinks."

That's my mom. Old school editor who would tell her authors, "If I haven't made you work at the story, I haven't done my job." Believe me; she's gotten enough e-mails to wall paper a room in which the author goes off on her for being so tough. Her response boils down to – 'and, what's your point'. Why, because she always knows why she's asking the author to do something. She always – always – always was trying to teach her author something they can improve.

Here's the advice she's now giving her friends who are editors: "Make them cry. Make them work. Then, put the story to bed." That seems a bit harsh, but I understand her reasoning behind this. The current trend in e-publishing can't stay in place. If it does, e-publishing will simply go back to being known as 'the poorly edited drivel' that it was notorious for back in the day. The one thing both she and I understand, is the industry is changing. E-publishing has to come up to a bar set for them. If they don't, the NY houses who are now releasing digital format too or going to all digital will leave the e-pub houses behind.

She finds fault with all aspects of the e-publishing industry. Authors who are with one-two-three-four publishing houses think they walk on water and don't have to work anymore. Publishers who are trying to be their author's friends rather than suck it up and make these 'employees' actually work for their money. Editors who are either afraid of giving a hard edit because they don't want to get blown out of the water by the diva attitude/ don't want to hurt the author's feelings/have the author blog about them (this drives my mother nuts because the professional behavior of e-published authors only sinks lower) or don't know how to edit.

Now it's your turn. Do you think this is a problem or is my mom totally off base?

Can't wait to hear your responses.





Friday, October 22, 2010

Belladonna is about to do Nano-Wrimo

There's no denying I need to give myself a kick in the butt right now. My brain is saturated with ideas for stories. I have nine project folders sitting on the corner of my desk. Character charts – done. World building sheets – ditto. Scenes are set up. Plots have been investigated. You may be asking yourself what am I waiting for?

The answer is NANO (National Novel Writer's Month). This will be my first year trying to put down 2500 words a day. Not that it is out of the question for me to write that much or even more in a day. Still, I knew if I was going to take on this challenge, I better prep. So it's been ready, set, prep around here lately.

Before anybody starts asking – Bella, you writing a novel? Nope. Never gonna happen with me. I'm a short format writer. That's where I'm comfortable and where I think my work shines. The challenge for me has always been to see if I can prove my plot in short format.

My goal is very aggressive; some might say I'm crazy. I plan to complete two novellas (around 25K) and two super shorts (5-15K). One will be a fantahistorical tentatively titled Frost Bitten (bridge story between Primal Rage and its sequel). The other novella will be the sequel to Primal Rage. The two super shorts will be in the 'For Me' line but will probably go over 10K. I won't lie to you—that's a lot of words. Thus, that's why I've been doing all this prep work.

Am I a little worried I might not make the challenge of 50K in the whole month? Somewhat. Unlike a novel writer, I've got a different set of problems. It's whether or not I can move smoothly between projects without losing steam or getting hung up on a plot. Then there's the fact I have stories selling at the moment. I could suddenly get derailed with edits or something like that. Life happens—but what if life suddenly explodes on me?

Still, I'm up for it. Is anybody else doing Nano? What's your goal and what would you like to complete?

I can't wait to hear your responses.




Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Review for Hell Rider

It's been a long couple of months here. I'm prepping for a writing cycle. I've got stories out selling. I'm working two jobs. Ugh, I'm tired of starting sentences with the word 'I'.

But great news hit my in-box this weekend, a fantastic review for book two of The Hellfire Club – Hell Rider.

Check it out here --

Have a great day folks.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bella Bites Back

Okay, I'm pissed. One of the first lessons my mom gave me when I was moving into writing was this one. It should be noted that at that time, I was writing with her. Well, more like she was writing, and I was doing all the conceiving except for on a few stories.

The lesson she taught me was this—

Impact moment + back story +GMC= characterization.

I was on her computer the other day and strolled across this blog site.

You'll have to scroll down to her Wednesday 8-18 blog post to see what she writes.

Here's the skinny. This chit was once my mom's prodigy. She was also her senior editor when she opened her own publishing company. She learned how to be a better writer and an editor through my mom.

Six months ago, the twit started blogging about how she didn't have enough time for all her important mundane things. So, what does Mom try to do? She relieves some of her work load. Woman's response -- A temper tantrum that would have a two year old shaking their head and boom – she quits. Why? Because Mom was trying to give her a little breathing room.

That's only the beginning. This twit went out of her way to destroy my mom's reputation (can you tell, I've got a lot of anger built up over this woman?). I'm saying destroy not only my mom's reputation but her company's too. Why, because people didn't all jump on board and cry for her. She's got an entourage of cheerleaders, but not everybody took her side. So sad—too bad.

Now she's pandering Mom's lessons as if they are her own. I'm completely pissed and ready to go through the computer screen for a good, old-fashioned b*tch slap.

Am I wrong to feel like this? Should I just forgive and forget or should I actually say something to the twit?

*big sigh*


Friday, August 20, 2010

Just gotta say...

A pet peeve of mine has made an unwelcome visit this past week. That of aspiring authors telling aspiring authors how they should write. This is the stupidest thing I've heard of. Why don't you ask a blind man to teach you how to drive? It's about the same thing. It's just when you actually crash, it can be a lot more painful for the writer because they don't know why they hit a tree. At least in a car, you can see the deer that cut you off.

And it's not as if we can deny this is happening either. Look at all the crit groups for romance writers. Look at all the aspiring writer blogs who put up a snippet and then try to edit the work. It's so sad in so many ways. These authors are getting very little real education but when things go wrong (ie the rejection letters start banging at their front door) they have their cheerleaders in place. It's cruel, in my opinion, to have the people who helped drive them into a tree giving the standard, "the agent didn't know what the hell they were talking about" or "It's such a good story".

Why is it so sad? Because the cheerleaders don't know better themselves.

I'm not a know-it-all by any shade of the word, but I know someone who is. When you talk to my Mom, you might as well be talking to a walking, talking dictionary on writing. Yep, I got lucky. She had my back when I waded into the adult pool. Though, at times it was very painful for me to hear what I was doing wrong, I recognized the one thing she was doing – she was telling me exactly what I had to fix and how to do it.

What can an aspiring writer do about it? Not much at this time. There are things you can recognize (and this comes directly from my Mom's playbook on making an aspiring author an author) –

1. Know your specific problems when it comes to writing.

2. Don't take it personally when someone actually does point out what is wrong with your story.

3. Find someone who will help you fix the problem. Look specifically for consistent comments – these are normally what hurts the story.

4. Sit down, shut up and listen instead of going "she doesn't like my story" or "she doesn't see my vision".

Mom told me from the get-go that I was gonna get beat up. Whether it was from her or an editor, I should always look at what someone was pointing out and understand I need to learn how to fix it.

So, what's your take on this? Has it become a real problem for aspiring authors to crit/edit other aspiring authors work or do they really help?





Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Constitutional Russian Roulette

Welcome to the politics corner where I weigh in on this or that or the other thing that deals with the goofballs running our country and the loud mouths that are after our votes. Let it be known that I am registered a Democrat, but I have voted Republican. Anybody remember Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's run to become Maryland's governor – yeah, voted against her.

Our politicians are losing their minds—some collectively, others individually. Heck, we have politicians all over the place right now. We have progressives wanting everybody to be as progressive as they are. We have the tea talkers out there drumming up lots of hoopla about how we must return to conservatism. We have congressmen and senators picking and choosing which amendment to embrace and which ones are not exactly what our Founding Fathers meant. It's a bloody mess.

And when I said bloody, I mean the potential for terrible things to happen. Shoot, there's that Tea Party candidate out in Nevada (I will paraphrase this) – who understands how some citizens resort to second amendment solutions with the government.

WTF! Doesn't she hear what she's saying? She is talking about guns and bombs and ugliness. Yep, that's the second amendment – the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Maybe she got confused. Maybe she thought it was the Right to Keep and Arm Bears.

I don't mind a person who owns guns. It's allowed under the constitution. I've never understood the need to collect anti-aircraft weaponry, but if you got the cash, who am I? Still, do we want our politicians going – okay, I understand the people who might go shoot the members of Congress they don't like. *Shaking my Head*

Let's take a look at the Fourteenth Amendment next. Recently, so many people have been screaming to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment. Other than it would take forever to actually repeal a constitutional amendment, this is one of the most important amendments to the country as a whole. This amendment includes not only the hot button 'birth right' clause which states children born here are automatically US citizens, but it also includes the equal rights under the law clause. Yep, we're talking civil rights here. So, if the people who want to repeal this amendment actually get their way, civil rights also dies. That doesn't sound very smart to me.

Last but not least is the First Amendment. Holy Macaroni, Batman – that's the First Amendment. The one that defines the most basic of rights – Speech, Religion, Assembly – that would be that amendment.

I get it. I so get it, that the Ground Zero Civic Center is a big deal, but seriously folks, there has been a Muslim Prayer Center in Lower Manhattan for forty years. It's still there. Our congressmen and women who speak out against it aren't doing it because it's only two blocks from WTC (considering the established prayer center is almost the same distance). They're doing it to stoke a fire and divide the country more. Come on. It's a Community Center. It's not about sensitivity to the victims. This is really hate-mongering. When you start saying a building a tenth of a mile off the northern corner of a property is an insult, you aren't doing it for any other reason than to rile people. Hell, you'd have to go out of your way to just fine the building they are tearing down. Yep, you'd actually have to leave the street on which the WTC will be rebuilt to get there.

We can lay the Ground Zero Civic and Prayer Center in the realm of, if you really want to be insulted then walk the tenth of a mile and be insulted but you can't see it from the site and it cannot see the site due to the buildings in its way. What are these people who want to stop this do for an encore? Tell the Muslim families who visit Ground Zero to pray for their son or daughter, husband or wife who worked in the WTC that they have to cease and desist because it's offensive to all the other victims' families and friends? Really? Is that what the next act will be?

I'm not insensitive to any one of the victims who lost their life in 9-11, but I can't see the point in the outrage or the proposed solution – Put the Mosque (which it isn't) somewhere else. The First Amendment allows them to build wherever they want to as long as the building meets ordinance.

This comes down to a simple truth – you can't pick and choose what amendment works for you. Our government shouldn't either.


Am I off base? You tell me.



Friday, August 13, 2010

Just gotta say it

Major rant warning!

Have you ever gotten so sick of someone whining and complaining? Of aspiring author bloggers going, "well, why doesn't the industry change, cause we all know I'm the next big star. The industry should come to me".

Really? Are you serious? The agents should just flock to you? Publishers should beat a fast path to your door since you wrote a story? Reality check time, friends. This industry isn't going to flock to anybody. You gotta put in the leg work. Gotta do the grunt stuff. You have to show you work and play well with others. Ranting about how much you think the industry should come to you proves the last. Really, why don't you shoot yourself in the foot and then the head, because you are pretty much wearing a sign that says, 'unprofessional'? SHUT UP!

The other side of this is rant is an author I follow who blogs everyday about how much work they are NOT getting done. This author is not the first and won't be the last, but it doesn't take long to start sighing. After the hundreds of excuses thrown out there, you just want to say – shut up and work on your WIP instead of putting nonsense on your blog. Do I really have to read your silly blog post on this is a fun link I found or how your kid is just driving you crazy or the hubby doesn't understand me? Seriously. Are you trying to say, 'my life sucks, so feel sorry for me'? Stop making excuses and knuckle down. That's what the rest of us have to do. WORK. Yeah, that's spelled W-O-R-K! As in do your job. As in get your story done. WORK!

Don't get me wrong, there are a few bloggers I get into. They make their blogs entertaining. Romance in the Back Seat is one of them. Sandra Sookoo's is another. I used to follow Jessica Rabbit's blog until I lost all my bookmarks :(

Maybe, I'm just tired of all the whining and complaining. Perhaps, I got fed up with the pity party mentality. I guess I should have given the bloggers who do bitch and complain thanks for at least making the attempt.

But, is it worthwhile? You tell me.

Until next time...



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sci-fi Saturday

Meet the Navorains.

The Navorains are an ancient culture and one of the founding members of the League of Sentient Beings (think Intergalactic council here). Their planet of origin, Lazarus 7, was abandoned 4000 years ago when their eco-system collapsed. The Navorains are adventurous and curious by nature. They were also brutally territorial until the planet they relocated to after the collapse of Lazarus 7, Navora, was destroyed by a weapon of mass destruction, the T-9 Planet Killer.

The League of Sentient Beings interceded before the remaining Navorains went on a blood feud against the Andromedains for destroying Navora. The Navorains were promised planets, riches, anything and everything to keep the mighty warriors with their immense and technologically advanced galactic class starships, the War Galleys, from warring against Andromeda. In the end, the Navorains remained neutral, but war was inevitable. The Last Great War broke out and lasted almost ten years. The death toll was too high to calculate, but the League of Sentient Beings understood that had the Navorains entered the battles, the final tally would have been far worse.

Without a planet, the Navorains now journey through space which they refer to as 'their kingdom'. Their mission is two-fold. They were charged with protecting the Outer Rim from intruders originating in unknown space. They are also in need of women to re-populate their dwindling numbers. Currently there are only 20,000 Navorains in existence—mostly men.

Intimate Space is the first installment in the 'Kingdom of Stars' series.

You can buy it here :

I hope to have Sacred Space completed sometime this fall.

Next Saturday, stop by and meet Coleverus Fis Tulden.

Happy reading,


Thursday, August 5, 2010

A quick reference to Primal Appetite and Hell Rider


From the Archives of the Great Goddess and the Library of the Borderlands

Cu Sith – 'When man first walked the Highlands of Scotland a creature followed him on his many travels. Neither live nor dead, to see the massive wolfhound called the Cu Sith is to know you will die a painful death sooner rather than later.'

*Created by the Great Goddess of the Tuatha de Danan, the Cu Sith cannot be killed.
*They are the immortal enemy of all the were-kinds.
*The Cu Sith is the leader of all paranormals who predict death. They are called the Harbingers.

The Royal Strains – 'I proclaim a council should be convened of the strongest paranormals known to this world and the Borderlands. They shall be called The Royal Strains and through them, they will steer the future of all the paranormal kinds.

*All are immortal and can only be killed or trapped by one specific method.
*They gather together in the Council of the Seven Seals thrice each year to discuss the politics of the paranormal world.

The Fay – 'I say to thee, Morgan LeFay, go to a land far from this and save my precious Tuatha de Danan. There you will be forever young and guard the secrets of white magicke.'

*The fay or fairfolk are the descendants of the Tuatha de Danan.
*All male offspring from Queen Morgan LeFay's family carry a vile spirit known as the Dark Fey. They are dangerous, mindless killers.
*The Fay are the immortal enemy of the Strigoi.

The Strigoi – 'Beware your mortal roots, for they will lead you to ruin.'

*Considered the strongest of the Royal Strains, the Strigoi are wielders of magicke and shifters too.

*They began the Second Angelic War by invading the Fay Realm in 1750.

The Hell Riders – 'From the fires of Hell will come four riders who serve The Unholy Prince and his son.'

*The Hell Riders are Satan's bounty hunters who collect the damned souls of those who have signed a blood pact with the Prince of Lies. They are charged with protecting Roshan, the son of Satan.
*They cannot be killed because they are either dead or a deposed god.

The Hellfire and Damnation Club – 'I give you a reprieve from your daunting duty. I give you the handmaidens of the Hellfire Club.'

*Collected by the Hell Riders, the handmaidens sole purpose is to assist the Royals during the Black Mass Banquet which always follows a stressful day of politicking and negotiations.
*The women chosen to act as handmaidens are the property of the Hellfire and Damnation Club. They are housed at Falstaff Manor and treated more like royalty than concubines.

Knights of Eternity – 'When the Royals Strains gather they will be called by one title – the Knights of Eternity. Through their wisdom will the course be set. May they take great care with this burden and nurture the title they now hold.'

*The Royal Strains were brought together by an edict delivered in a prophecy from the Great Goddess of the Tuatha de Danan. It forewarned of the next great paranormal war better known as the Second Angelic War.

*The Council of the Seven Seals is another name for the Knights of Eternity.

Royal Djinn – 'For the light there is darkness. From the evil all detests save a few there is a Royal you must covet and trust.'

*Roshan, the son of Satan leads the Royal Djinn. He was guilty at birth because he was born from the Original 'Get'.
*He is both good and evil. He is also the keeper of the Hell Locker and protected by the Hell Riders.

The Hell Locker – 'Gather all the vestiges of vile magicke, that power which rises from the depths of hell, and store the snippets of spells and the ingredients of potions in a box. Give the locker to the son of Satan for safe keeping. Pray, my Knights of Eternity. Pray, he never speaks of its location for if he does, not even I can save the mortal world.'

*The location of the Hell Locker is a secret. Prince Roshan refuses to speak for fear he might inadvertently disclose its whereabouts.

*It contains all the secrets of Black Magicke and is considered the most dangerous artifact known to both the mortal and paranormal world.

The Royal Dragul – 'Ye that are born from the union between Adam and his second wife will know great pain, but will understand the power of being the most prolific shifter. For within this gift lies salvation.'

*Called the Blackbloods, the Royal Draguls can take the shape of any living thing including demon sects.
*The common Dragul rarely leave their realm in the Borderland or the Carpathian mountain village they inhabit on Earth.

For more information and to enter the Borderlands, visit my website.

Got a question about the Borderlands -- Don't hesitate to post it here!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

About Cooking with Fire

Please refer to Time Magazine - Portraits of the Women of Afghanistan.

Note - this is not for the weak of heart.

You can access it here:,32068,308943282001_2007270,00.html

Yeah, this is a hot button issue. It's hard to understand on so many levels. Why are these women the way they are?

Cooking with Fire was a story for me that epitomized my friends who were first, second, third generation Anglo-Indian. What I found is that the chances are the stigmas still hang over their heads. I couldn't get away from one truth, though. I believed that because women of this origination were immune to it in this country simply because they were born in this country. You'd think that wouldn't you?

The fact is that it is as prevalent in this country as any other. Women of this origination are put to the same test. I'm sure that for as many women who will say they aren't there are just as many who get what I'm talking about.

Cooking with Fire is a snapshot of this. It's what I see, and the dynamic that is happening. It isn't to say that all Muslims are this way. It's my way of saying that there are those who are that way.

Recently, I had a friend who was born Islamic who had to have surgery. She was so upset. Not because the surgery was going to occur, but because her mother was freaked out because she'd have a scar. To me, it was a stupid argument. To her family, it was the end of the world, or in the very least, the end of her chances to ever being in a fitful marriage.

This is what this story is about. This is what we, as American Women need to know. I'm guilty of this and it totally disgusts me that I am.

We can't sit in judgment of these women, because we can't expect miracles. There isn't anything written in the Constitution that says – this is how you should act. Is it better in America for women of this origination? I think it is. Does it boil down to brass tacks? I'm not so sure.

We are a culture of judging and then thinking about it. We don't understand something so whatever we're looking at is immediately screwed up and wrong. We need to stop that.

My two cents—


Why I don’t blog.

I think this is the one of the toughest questions for me to address. It's not that I don't like talking. Shoot, I can almost out talk most people. I've got words to spare. I've got lots to say.

Here's my problem—I'm notorious for speaking my mind.

Ask me about politics – yep, I have an opinion.

Ask me about world issues – sure as shooting, Tex, I've got an opinion.

Do I have opinions, refer to the above.

The fact remains. I learned a hard lesson on Facebook regarding actually speaking my mind. I put out my feelings. I got trashed. I got a whole bunch of cheerleaders going – you're nothing. Actually, I am something. I'm a person who should be able and allowed to say what I feel and when I feel it.

So, the question then became—what the hell am I suppose to say? Or should I say anything?

I can say my most recent release was a part of that. When I wrote Intimate Space I knew exactly what I was doing. It's a shot at so many issues that face us now. It's the things that we don't notice, but we should. And now, I'm working on the sequel. I like the story, but I've already been warned 'don't go hard sci-fi' and 'your readers won't get it'. What am I suppose to say to that. I'm supposed to dumb down my story simply because there is a attitude that readers are idiots? I don't believe that.

I don't get it. I can't speak my mind. I can't write the story how it should be. I can't be the writer I want to be. I can't take on the issues I want to take on and put them into a context that is both entertaining as well as informative.

From now on, I'm going to speak my mind. I'm launching a new chapter in my life. If you don't like what I have to say, please feel free to debate this with me. If you detest me because I am willing to go there, then that's your problem.


The fact is, I'm Belladonna. I have opinions and I'm gonna talk about them.

Until the next time – and no, I'm not gonna get sappy and thank you for hanging around, but I appreciate those who have followed me.



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Get to know the Elves

The Elves

Expert hunters and the keepers of wisdom, the elves left Earth during the Great Reorganization of the Heavens two-thousand years ago. Even though each realm in the Borderlands is immense (see general information-Borderlands), the sheer size of the elvish community severely strained the elves. Within a thousand years, the elves were without a king and they warred amongst each other to the point their numbers were extremely diminished.

There are some elf-sects with only one or two of their specific type left. The Ice Elves and Valkyr are two such examples. The majority of elves surviving today are the elusive Wood Elves.

Ruled by an Ice Elf, Soren Elfson, all earth-bound elves were recently recalled from the planet to Elfheim for their protection until the war with the land-walkers is over.

Immortal enemies are few for the Elves. They do not participate in petty conflicts and prefer to isolate Elfheim from all other realms. Though because of its close proximity to the four-corner realm of the Vampires, it isn't uncommon for a coven of vampires to travel through their realm, and normally the elves don't care unless the vampires feed within Elfheim.

Elf-males are cool headed and very logical while their female counterparts yearn for a man unafraid to show his emotions. This aspect has driven many an elf-maid to mate with a land-walker.

The Elves versus other Elves:

Once Soren Elfson ascended by the sword to the throne the elvish conflicts have cooled. The most dangerous time for the elves is during their mating season. Due to the limited number of elf-maids left they often have several elf-males courting them. This has led to deadly battles for a mate.

When an elf-maid meets her life-mate she hears Skuld's Song. There is a caveat attached to gaining a life-mate: if the mate does not reciprocate the elf-maids love she will die a slow, painful death within the grey-fold (turns the maid to stone)(See Valkyr).

They are their own worst enemies.

The Elves Realm in the Borderlands

Realm #13

One of the farthest realms from Tir na nOg, Elfheim contains many of the architectural structures that were once a part of Asgard. An elf can only enter Elfheim across the Rainbow Bridge. After walking up a steep slope they will arrive at Ygsdril, the World Tree and the former home of the Norns. All Elves stop here to pay homage to the triple goddess who in ancient times produced the World Tapestry.

Guarded by magick, none are allowed to touch the World Tapestry except a direct descendant of Skuld, the Future Seer.

After praying beneath the heavy branches of Ygsdril, the elf will continue to the Great Hall of Elfheim. This council hall is located a short distance from the World Tree and is where Soren Elfson meets with the Elvish Elders. All Elves returning to Elfheim are required by law to announce their return to this council.

Soren Elfson's castle is locate far to the north of the Great Hall of Elfheim in the icy wasteland which is a remnant of Ragnarok. This slice of land is a reminder to all the elves that the Goddess can giveth and taketh away easily.

The Elves did not participate in the war of 1750. They had abandoned their seat in the Knights of Eternity during the Great Elvish War (Earth date: 1103). Their position in the Knights of Eternity was given to the Royal Werelions.

Today they are struggling to rejoin the Knights of Eternity.

General Information

Appearance: Varied as there are many different sects. If in their elf-form on Earth, they grow small fangs and pointed ears.

Greatest Paranormal Aspect: Hunting other paranormals. Valkyr, their ability to protect the body and souls of warriors.

Greatest Weakness: Slow healing and the greyfold.

Current Status: Many of the elf-sects are endangered.

Get to know the other realms in the Borderlands on my website –



Friday, May 7, 2010

Just released - Valkyr

This is one of those stories that sticks with you, and I'm so excited that it is now out.

Available from Eirelander Publishing.

Take an elf out for a spin. This is one hot ride and it is the first story in the 'Royals are back and they're pissed' series.



About my name.

Last week there was a blog about: writers whose pennames sound like porn stars. For some unknown reason people find my name to be something along the lines of a porn star or hooker's handle. I don't know where I landed on the list because I didn't see it. A friend told me about it and I didn't have time to go looking for the blog.

Okay, so it's funny to me because there is an adult film star who shares my name. But here's a fact. Belladonna is my nickname. Everybody, and I mean everybody, calls me Belladonna or Bella.

My grandmother gave me the nickname when I was very young. She said, I was the most beautiful child but heaven help you if you get me going, because then I'm deadly. It is true that I have a bad temper, but normally I don't sweat the little things. So, I was like the deadly Night Shade in her opinion and everybody picked up on it.

Truly – easy enough to understand when it's explained.

My last name is even easier to explain. I married a man with the surname de Bourdeaux. Yep, that was his last name – de Bordeaux. Though the marriage didn't work out, I had already begun writing with my married name. I merely cleaned up his surname because I thought (obviously foolishly) de Bourdeaux sounded like a porn star.

I think some writers are stuck with this problem no matter what. I know Buffi BeCraft has it on her My Space page that Buffi BeCraft is her name.

Our parents, God love them, just never think – well, what if my child starts writing romance let alone erotic romance, will they then be called out for the name we gave them, or a nickname they picked up along the way?

Here's the down and dirty truth. If I used my given name plus my married name, I'd still sound like a porn star in some people's opinion. Come on – Brittany de Bourdeaux?

Still it was a good laugh. Thanks to Diana for telling me about it.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

I just gotta say!

Over the past few weeks life has been like the Wonkivator. My world has been sideways, slantways, ups and downs. That happens during this time of the year when prom season is in full tilt and my shutter finger feels like it is gonna drop off. Also, my mom was in the hospital for surgery and is now recovering, so everything is a little out of control. Okay, it was really out of control, but we're hanging in there. Thank God for my dad and brothers, plus the slew of other relatives who have been great and stepped in to help us.

Finally, I got a recovery day under my belt. Did a little surfing around the web and came up with what I thought would be a fantabulous idea—I'd read a story and review it. Who do I start with though? That was easy. I didn't even have to go far. I turned to my mom, and said, "what's cooking on paper, good looking?". After a few frowns and some askance glares, she pointed me to her next two time travels.

It was my turn to frown. Time travel? Me? Never.

She shrugged and gave me a big old – 'you asked'.

If anything, my mom is the queen of guilt trips, and yeah, I did ask for it. Luckily, she had them in thin print, so I didn't have to wait for her to e-mail them to me.

I just gotta say – the two she handed me were great. This is the thing about an old school author that I appreciate. My mom's writing is effortless.

Here are my reviews:

Master and Commander's Prey by T.J. Killian

Available at All Romance e-Books, Bookstrand, 1 Romance e-books and Amazon Kindle


There is only one law in his world...his.

Shiloh Montgomery-Moore is the queen of hiding in the shadows. This penchant is an avoidance dance meant to stave off her father's fists and her mother's barbs. Hot tempered, distrusting, Shiloh is determined to forge her own path in the world. Little does she know, that the path leads her to the strange anomaly know as The Veil. Whisked back in time, she finds out danger lurks everywhere and nothing can save her from a bleak future except a man of war, a master and commander.

Captain of the H.M.S. Predator, Jacob Christopher Wolfson, has his official orders–capture the French war vessel, The Bordeaux. It isn't in his strategy to be chained to a 'supposed' time traveler. Immediately attracted to the mystery woman found aboard his ship, Jacob has but one chance to save his sanity and his mission; he'll take Shiloh Montgomery-Moore to his bed or wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Review: My experience with time travel has been less than stellar. It's normally whoosh, whoosh – blah, blah, blah. Master and Commander's Prey stunned me. This is a cool novella length story with just the right amount of heat. It's not over the top on that front, but she added a little kink such as spanking and light anal play to give the story some interesting aspects.

This story is defined by the interaction between the heroine Shiloh Montgomery-Moore and Jacob Wolfson. The underlying element of the Veil, which is a staple from Mom's birthplace, brought in a level of intrigue that left me wondering how she was gonna pull off a Happily Ever After. Guaranteed there is one.

Shiloh reminds me of a twenty-something year old, modern day woman. In no way is she the goody goody girl I was expecting. She was much more than that. With her own mind, she's got the grit I come to expect from a T.J. Killian story.

Jacob Wolfson is a hero to lust for. In a way he reminds me of Russell Crowe from the movie of nearly the same name, but he's got this humanity you couldn't get from the movie. There's much more to Jacob than meets the eye.

Overall – It's not a Bella's been bad sort of story, but the plot is great and the reality these two characters eventually face is fantabulous.

The Storm's Prey by T.J. Killian

Available at All Romance e-Books, Bookstrand, 1 Romance e-books and Amazon Kindle


Robinson Crusoe never faced anything like this.

Forced by vile accusations to flee England for her family's sugar plantation in Jamaica, Lady Catherine Wolfson expects a smooth trip until her life is threatened by an Atlantic gale. Saved from drowning in the storm tossed seas by Zibgniew Krushenski, a man from the future, her eyes are opened to the world of basic survival and the deep, driving riptide of intimacy.

Review: The follow-up to Master and Commander's Prey, this story really has some teeth to it. It's an adventure with a romance mixed in. If you are looking for the mush and gush of a real romance, this isn't your story, but the energy driving the story is great.

Catherine reminds me of a character from Pride and Prejudice with a little hoyden thrown in for good measure. She's not a shrinking wall flower either, but she's what I would picture a young woman from the early 1800s to be.

Zbigniew is one of those guys women today swoon for. A hero. A knight in shining armor. How this character is drawn is really intriguing.

Overall—again, not a Bella's been Bad story, but the characters really shine in this story.

My suggestion – pick up both and read them back to back so you can get the full vision of T.J. Killian. She told me she is working on the follow-up to tie all three together. I can't wait.

A special bonus - leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of either Master and Commander's Prey or The Storm's Prey.



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Purr for Me - Now Available

Do you like a little were-cat? I do.

Check it out. My latest release from Cobblestone Press. Purr for Me.

Taking a mate has never been this dangerous or so pleasureable.

Bryanna Stabler needs a diversion of the sexual persuasion. Worn out from months on the campaign trail, she’s willing to risk her reputation by hooking up with her boyfriend, Alexi Bolshenski, in an out of the way motel. A meeting that will rock her world in more ways than one.

Is it possible that Alexi Bolshenski, the last Maltese Tiger, has finally found his life mate? If the desire he feels for her is an indicator, yes. One man stands between him and performing the mating. Her influential father.

You can buy it here.

Hope you enjoy,


Monday, March 29, 2010

It's OUT!

Gotta tell you - this is way cool.

Now available - Primal Appetite from Liquid Silver Books.

Check it out here.

It's OUT!

Shh, it'll be out tonight!

What happens when I watch too much History Channel, get a really hot idea and add it to my vivid imagination?

This time—I’ll be very, very, very bad.

To win her heart, this Fay Prince will have to fulfill all her naughty fantasies.

Lady Danielle Hampton has really made a muck of her life. Not only is she guilty of entreating carnal fantasies, but her aunt has sold her into slavery to pay off the family’s debts. Little does Danielle know the group she’s been purchased to service aren’t just Lords and Princes, they are the legends from which fairytales are wrought.
Prince Gabriel LeFay is in search of his next mate. First he has to find a woman who is as uninhibited as his kind, the Fairefolk, and then he has to teach her the ways of a submissive. In Danielle he finds the woman of his dreams. She’ll try anything once or even thrice. The trick to earning her love is to become the man of her fantasies.

On the Liquid Silver Books rating scale – this story is:
MOLTEN: Ménage, orgy, M/F/F, F/F, M/F/M, M/M/M/F, anal sex, light BDSM, public sex.

Watch for it tonight after 7 PM at Liquid Silver Books.

Want more from me. I aim to please. Keep your eyes peeled for the last installment in the ‘For Me’ series. Purr for Me is coming soon from Cobblestone Press. Also, Valkyr will be out the end of next month from Eirelander Publishing.

Have a great night everybody.


Friday, March 26, 2010

You may not like me - but hey, I'm honest

This is supposed to be about writing, but here's the thing, I've gone through a year of major changes.

Yep, changes. As in major, change your life forever, changes.

That's not my car, which was replaced, or anything else that's material. This was bigger than that.

Last April 2nd I left my husband of three years. Where did I head - home. Mom and Dad, home is where the heart is, to those people who shake their head when you make a major mistake, home. Did I feel like $hit - yeah. But you know what, I'm lucky, my Mom and Dad are cool about things. They might sit there and give me hell every once in a while, but you know what, they love me.

They really love me.

There's a reason for this post...I swear...I promise.

It was a big thing for me to leave my ex. At that point in my life it was bigger than huge. It was my whole life, attached to a guy, who I promised all this stuff to then realized it wasn't going to work.

So, I moved back home. To Mom and Dad. To my comfort zone. You know what. I got it in a split second. I'm their kid. They weren't going to kick me in the teeth when I was already down.

What I didn't know was a sick truth. A secret my parents had kept from me. Probably the second worst secret they could keep from me. The first on my list was they were splitting up. The second was one of them had cancer.

It happened. My Mom, who I'd fought with for years about boys I liked and all this high school junk, had cancer. I was panic stricken and she was cool as ice cream. That's my mom. She was born with Neurofibromatosis. The woman who said, 'I'll never be pretty, but I'll fight to the death for you'. She had cancer. It was my eye opener. Suddenly, the only other girl in a household of nine boys including my dad, not including cats and dogs, was dying. At least that's how I looked at it.

You know, I kept thinking that, even after my brothers and Dad told me she'd be okay once she went through treatments. I couldn't think of anything else. It was like my little problems of job, soon-to-be ex and car ceased to exist. They were just stuff or people who I was getting rid of. This was my mom. The woman who would fight to the death for me.

I made a mistake today. My intentions were good, but my delivery was on another planet. My mom, who owns a publishing company, had a good friend resign from her position as an editor. She took it badly. I took it even worse. Something about seeing my mom, who'd not only kicked my a$$ into writing eight months ago was at a loss. For the first time since I was a really young kid, I watched my mom struggle to keep herself together. Cancer couldn't do it. Being as sick as she was for months on end didn't do it to her. It was something else I still don't understand.

Watching a woman you respect like that struggle with the throwing up and absolute pain of chemo and radiation, trying to beat cancer, finally lose her bearings about killed me. Then I listened to all these writers who didn't know half the story give this person sympathy on Facebook. Yeah, they were all sort of like - you were the best of my mom's publishing company.

That tilted me to the point of no return.

So, I did the worst thing I probably could. I spoke out.

Was I right - in my mind - yes.

Do I give a good God damn what people think of me - hell no.

You know what I learned today. My Mom will fight to the death for me. I needed to return the favor to the one person in the world who I've let down from time to time, but who has always give her all to me.

She's my biggest champion.

The truth is - you may not like me, but hey, I'm honest.

And in the end, that's all I've got to give.