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A quick reference to Primal Appetite and Hell Rider


From the Archives of the Great Goddess and the Library of the Borderlands

Cu Sith – 'When man first walked the Highlands of Scotland a creature followed him on his many travels. Neither live nor dead, to see the massive wolfhound called the Cu Sith is to know you will die a painful death sooner rather than later.'

*Created by the Great Goddess of the Tuatha de Danan, the Cu Sith cannot be killed.
*They are the immortal enemy of all the were-kinds.
*The Cu Sith is the leader of all paranormals who predict death. They are called the Harbingers.

The Royal Strains – 'I proclaim a council should be convened of the strongest paranormals known to this world and the Borderlands. They shall be called The Royal Strains and through them, they will steer the future of all the paranormal kinds.

*All are immortal and can only be killed or trapped by one specific method.
*They gather together in the Council of the Seven Seals thrice each year to discuss the politics of the paranormal world.

The Fay – 'I say to thee, Morgan LeFay, go to a land far from this and save my precious Tuatha de Danan. There you will be forever young and guard the secrets of white magicke.'

*The fay or fairfolk are the descendants of the Tuatha de Danan.
*All male offspring from Queen Morgan LeFay's family carry a vile spirit known as the Dark Fey. They are dangerous, mindless killers.
*The Fay are the immortal enemy of the Strigoi.

The Strigoi – 'Beware your mortal roots, for they will lead you to ruin.'

*Considered the strongest of the Royal Strains, the Strigoi are wielders of magicke and shifters too.

*They began the Second Angelic War by invading the Fay Realm in 1750.

The Hell Riders – 'From the fires of Hell will come four riders who serve The Unholy Prince and his son.'

*The Hell Riders are Satan's bounty hunters who collect the damned souls of those who have signed a blood pact with the Prince of Lies. They are charged with protecting Roshan, the son of Satan.
*They cannot be killed because they are either dead or a deposed god.

The Hellfire and Damnation Club – 'I give you a reprieve from your daunting duty. I give you the handmaidens of the Hellfire Club.'

*Collected by the Hell Riders, the handmaidens sole purpose is to assist the Royals during the Black Mass Banquet which always follows a stressful day of politicking and negotiations.
*The women chosen to act as handmaidens are the property of the Hellfire and Damnation Club. They are housed at Falstaff Manor and treated more like royalty than concubines.

Knights of Eternity – 'When the Royals Strains gather they will be called by one title – the Knights of Eternity. Through their wisdom will the course be set. May they take great care with this burden and nurture the title they now hold.'

*The Royal Strains were brought together by an edict delivered in a prophecy from the Great Goddess of the Tuatha de Danan. It forewarned of the next great paranormal war better known as the Second Angelic War.

*The Council of the Seven Seals is another name for the Knights of Eternity.

Royal Djinn – 'For the light there is darkness. From the evil all detests save a few there is a Royal you must covet and trust.'

*Roshan, the son of Satan leads the Royal Djinn. He was guilty at birth because he was born from the Original 'Get'.
*He is both good and evil. He is also the keeper of the Hell Locker and protected by the Hell Riders.

The Hell Locker – 'Gather all the vestiges of vile magicke, that power which rises from the depths of hell, and store the snippets of spells and the ingredients of potions in a box. Give the locker to the son of Satan for safe keeping. Pray, my Knights of Eternity. Pray, he never speaks of its location for if he does, not even I can save the mortal world.'

*The location of the Hell Locker is a secret. Prince Roshan refuses to speak for fear he might inadvertently disclose its whereabouts.

*It contains all the secrets of Black Magicke and is considered the most dangerous artifact known to both the mortal and paranormal world.

The Royal Dragul – 'Ye that are born from the union between Adam and his second wife will know great pain, but will understand the power of being the most prolific shifter. For within this gift lies salvation.'

*Called the Blackbloods, the Royal Draguls can take the shape of any living thing including demon sects.
*The common Dragul rarely leave their realm in the Borderland or the Carpathian mountain village they inhabit on Earth.

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