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Get to know the Elves

The Elves

Expert hunters and the keepers of wisdom, the elves left Earth during the Great Reorganization of the Heavens two-thousand years ago. Even though each realm in the Borderlands is immense (see general information-Borderlands), the sheer size of the elvish community severely strained the elves. Within a thousand years, the elves were without a king and they warred amongst each other to the point their numbers were extremely diminished.

There are some elf-sects with only one or two of their specific type left. The Ice Elves and Valkyr are two such examples. The majority of elves surviving today are the elusive Wood Elves.

Ruled by an Ice Elf, Soren Elfson, all earth-bound elves were recently recalled from the planet to Elfheim for their protection until the war with the land-walkers is over.

Immortal enemies are few for the Elves. They do not participate in petty conflicts and prefer to isolate Elfheim from all other realms. Though because of its close proximity to the four-corner realm of the Vampires, it isn't uncommon for a coven of vampires to travel through their realm, and normally the elves don't care unless the vampires feed within Elfheim.

Elf-males are cool headed and very logical while their female counterparts yearn for a man unafraid to show his emotions. This aspect has driven many an elf-maid to mate with a land-walker.

The Elves versus other Elves:

Once Soren Elfson ascended by the sword to the throne the elvish conflicts have cooled. The most dangerous time for the elves is during their mating season. Due to the limited number of elf-maids left they often have several elf-males courting them. This has led to deadly battles for a mate.

When an elf-maid meets her life-mate she hears Skuld's Song. There is a caveat attached to gaining a life-mate: if the mate does not reciprocate the elf-maids love she will die a slow, painful death within the grey-fold (turns the maid to stone)(See Valkyr).

They are their own worst enemies.

The Elves Realm in the Borderlands

Realm #13

One of the farthest realms from Tir na nOg, Elfheim contains many of the architectural structures that were once a part of Asgard. An elf can only enter Elfheim across the Rainbow Bridge. After walking up a steep slope they will arrive at Ygsdril, the World Tree and the former home of the Norns. All Elves stop here to pay homage to the triple goddess who in ancient times produced the World Tapestry.

Guarded by magick, none are allowed to touch the World Tapestry except a direct descendant of Skuld, the Future Seer.

After praying beneath the heavy branches of Ygsdril, the elf will continue to the Great Hall of Elfheim. This council hall is located a short distance from the World Tree and is where Soren Elfson meets with the Elvish Elders. All Elves returning to Elfheim are required by law to announce their return to this council.

Soren Elfson's castle is locate far to the north of the Great Hall of Elfheim in the icy wasteland which is a remnant of Ragnarok. This slice of land is a reminder to all the elves that the Goddess can giveth and taketh away easily.

The Elves did not participate in the war of 1750. They had abandoned their seat in the Knights of Eternity during the Great Elvish War (Earth date: 1103). Their position in the Knights of Eternity was given to the Royal Werelions.

Today they are struggling to rejoin the Knights of Eternity.

General Information

Appearance: Varied as there are many different sects. If in their elf-form on Earth, they grow small fangs and pointed ears.

Greatest Paranormal Aspect: Hunting other paranormals. Valkyr, their ability to protect the body and souls of warriors.

Greatest Weakness: Slow healing and the greyfold.

Current Status: Many of the elf-sects are endangered.

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Just released - Valkyr

This is one of those stories that sticks with you, and I'm so excited that it is now out.

Available from Eirelander Publishing.

Take an elf out for a spin. This is one hot ride and it is the first story in the 'Royals are back and they're pissed' series.



About my name.

Last week there was a blog about: writers whose pennames sound like porn stars. For some unknown reason people find my name to be something along the lines of a porn star or hooker's handle. I don't know where I landed on the list because I didn't see it. A friend told me about it and I didn't have time to go looking for the blog.

Okay, so it's funny to me because there is an adult film star who shares my name. But here's a fact. Belladonna is my nickname. Everybody, and I mean everybody, calls me Belladonna or Bella.

My grandmother gave me the nickname when I was very young. She said, I was the most beautiful child but heaven help you if you get me going, because then I'm deadly. It is true that I have a bad temper, but normally I don't sweat the little things. So, I was like the deadly Night Shade in her opinion and everybody picked up on it.

Truly – easy enough to understand when it's explained.

My last name is even easier to explain. I married a man with the surname de Bourdeaux. Yep, that was his last name – de Bordeaux. Though the marriage didn't work out, I had already begun writing with my married name. I merely cleaned up his surname because I thought (obviously foolishly) de Bourdeaux sounded like a porn star.

I think some writers are stuck with this problem no matter what. I know Buffi BeCraft has it on her My Space page that Buffi BeCraft is her name.

Our parents, God love them, just never think – well, what if my child starts writing romance let alone erotic romance, will they then be called out for the name we gave them, or a nickname they picked up along the way?

Here's the down and dirty truth. If I used my given name plus my married name, I'd still sound like a porn star in some people's opinion. Come on – Brittany de Bourdeaux?

Still it was a good laugh. Thanks to Diana for telling me about it.