Sunday, December 13, 2009

Now Available - Cry for Me

Hot off the cyber presses and waiting for your reading enjoyment, Jakob LeFay's story. If you loved this brooding character from Howl for Me, you'll really dig him when he meets his mate--Shannon McGilvrey.

In every life a few tears must fall.

Shannon McGilvrey has spent most of her life hunting what she fears most--paranormals. That was until she met Jakob LeFay. The hybrid hasn't just changed her DNA with his vampire's kiss, he's also put her in an uncomfortable position with the covert group, the Council for the Preservation of Humanity. They're going to give her a chance to prove her loyalty to the race, though. Her orders are simple: screw him, drink his blood and get the hell out of there.

A very different kind of fairy stands in her way.

Read an excerpt here.
Content: Erotica
This title contains explicit language & graphic sex.

On the Bella's Been Bad scale this story comes in at - It's so much fun to be bad.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hero interview - Asher Cope

Hero Interview: Asher Cope

Hi, Bitty Baby, star reporter for the Faerie Times here. Whoo, what a day it’s been. You see, I was sitting at my desk, minding most of my own business when out of the blue the news came over the trans-dimensional teletype that the founder of the New Pack had gotten hitched.

A half-caste mated to a mortal? Who would have thunk it? Not anybody in Tir na nOg.

Yep, I got the assignment. Interview Asher Cope and hope the half-werewolf, half-vampire doesn’t get hungry during our chat.

BITTY: Hello, Asher. May I call you Asher? (I gulped here because my interviewee didn’t look at all pleased I’d hijacked him on the way to a pack meeting) Do you have time for a few quick questions? (Not waiting for a response, I dive right in while dodging a few low tree branches) How’s married life treating you?
ASHER: Not bad considering...
BITTY: Considering what?

He stopped walking, turned to stare at me and rubbed his back against a tree. I felt as if I was being measured as a snack.

ASHER: She’s now a half-vamp. She’s taking everything in stride.
BITTY (I know I blushed at his intense scowl but forged on): How did you feel when you first met your lady?
ASHER: You really aren’t going to leave me alone until I answer your questions, are you?
BITTY: Nope. All of Tir na nOg wants to know about it.
ASHER: Fine. You’ve got five minutes.
BITTY: Remind me, how did you meet your lady?
ASHER: We met through a mutual friend. (He obviously knew I’d ask who) Liv de Nostradame.
BITTY: (Seeing him peak at his watch, I knew I better get the interview going) What’s your favorite pastime with your lady?
ASHER: You're a smart fairy. You figure it out.
BITTY: Are you always the aggressor in the bedroom or does she sometimes take the lead?
ASHER: (wearing a wicked grin) Yes. She likes being told what to do. I’m more than happy to accommodate her.
BITTY: I heard there was a, um, few extra sets of hands at your mating.
ASHER: That’s not uncommon for my kind. The more the merrier. Jennifer didn’t seem to mind. (He waggled his eyebrows and his grin widened).
BITTY: So everybody was happy?
ASHER: Most definitely.
BITTY: What would your lady say is your greatest virtue?
ASHER: That I’m never late for a pack meeting.
BO: Uh .... Boxers, briefs or other? (It was the first question that popped into my head. Inquiring minds and all that).
ASHER: (His grin disappeared) Other.
BITTY: What are you planning to do after the meeting?
ASHER: Get all hot and bothered with my mate.

He looked at his watch and started to walk off.

BITTY: (I screamed to his retreating back) In what book can we read about you?
ASHER: Howl for Me available from Cobblestone Press

BITTY: On Belladonna's Been Bad scale what is your story rated?
ASHER: It's so much fun to be bad!

There you go. Short but sweet. Best part is I didn’t end up trail mix.

Until next time – cheers!

Bitty Baby

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