Monday, December 7, 2009

Hero interview - Asher Cope

Hero Interview: Asher Cope

Hi, Bitty Baby, star reporter for the Faerie Times here. Whoo, what a day it’s been. You see, I was sitting at my desk, minding most of my own business when out of the blue the news came over the trans-dimensional teletype that the founder of the New Pack had gotten hitched.

A half-caste mated to a mortal? Who would have thunk it? Not anybody in Tir na nOg.

Yep, I got the assignment. Interview Asher Cope and hope the half-werewolf, half-vampire doesn’t get hungry during our chat.

BITTY: Hello, Asher. May I call you Asher? (I gulped here because my interviewee didn’t look at all pleased I’d hijacked him on the way to a pack meeting) Do you have time for a few quick questions? (Not waiting for a response, I dive right in while dodging a few low tree branches) How’s married life treating you?
ASHER: Not bad considering...
BITTY: Considering what?

He stopped walking, turned to stare at me and rubbed his back against a tree. I felt as if I was being measured as a snack.

ASHER: She’s now a half-vamp. She’s taking everything in stride.
BITTY (I know I blushed at his intense scowl but forged on): How did you feel when you first met your lady?
ASHER: You really aren’t going to leave me alone until I answer your questions, are you?
BITTY: Nope. All of Tir na nOg wants to know about it.
ASHER: Fine. You’ve got five minutes.
BITTY: Remind me, how did you meet your lady?
ASHER: We met through a mutual friend. (He obviously knew I’d ask who) Liv de Nostradame.
BITTY: (Seeing him peak at his watch, I knew I better get the interview going) What’s your favorite pastime with your lady?
ASHER: You're a smart fairy. You figure it out.
BITTY: Are you always the aggressor in the bedroom or does she sometimes take the lead?
ASHER: (wearing a wicked grin) Yes. She likes being told what to do. I’m more than happy to accommodate her.
BITTY: I heard there was a, um, few extra sets of hands at your mating.
ASHER: That’s not uncommon for my kind. The more the merrier. Jennifer didn’t seem to mind. (He waggled his eyebrows and his grin widened).
BITTY: So everybody was happy?
ASHER: Most definitely.
BITTY: What would your lady say is your greatest virtue?
ASHER: That I’m never late for a pack meeting.
BO: Uh .... Boxers, briefs or other? (It was the first question that popped into my head. Inquiring minds and all that).
ASHER: (His grin disappeared) Other.
BITTY: What are you planning to do after the meeting?
ASHER: Get all hot and bothered with my mate.

He looked at his watch and started to walk off.

BITTY: (I screamed to his retreating back) In what book can we read about you?
ASHER: Howl for Me available from Cobblestone Press

BITTY: On Belladonna's Been Bad scale what is your story rated?
ASHER: It's so much fun to be bad!

There you go. Short but sweet. Best part is I didn’t end up trail mix.

Until next time – cheers!

Bitty Baby

To find out more about the Belladonna's Been Bad rating system, visit her website.

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