Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bella Bites Back

Okay, I'm pissed. One of the first lessons my mom gave me when I was moving into writing was this one. It should be noted that at that time, I was writing with her. Well, more like she was writing, and I was doing all the conceiving except for on a few stories.

The lesson she taught me was this—

Impact moment + back story +GMC= characterization.

I was on her computer the other day and strolled across this blog site.


You'll have to scroll down to her Wednesday 8-18 blog post to see what she writes.

Here's the skinny. This chit was once my mom's prodigy. She was also her senior editor when she opened her own publishing company. She learned how to be a better writer and an editor through my mom.

Six months ago, the twit started blogging about how she didn't have enough time for all her important mundane things. So, what does Mom try to do? She relieves some of her work load. Woman's response -- A temper tantrum that would have a two year old shaking their head and boom – she quits. Why? Because Mom was trying to give her a little breathing room.

That's only the beginning. This twit went out of her way to destroy my mom's reputation (can you tell, I've got a lot of anger built up over this woman?). I'm saying destroy not only my mom's reputation but her company's too. Why, because people didn't all jump on board and cry for her. She's got an entourage of cheerleaders, but not everybody took her side. So sad—too bad.

Now she's pandering Mom's lessons as if they are her own. I'm completely pissed and ready to go through the computer screen for a good, old-fashioned b*tch slap.

Am I wrong to feel like this? Should I just forgive and forget or should I actually say something to the twit?

*big sigh*


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