Friday, August 13, 2010

Just gotta say it

Major rant warning!

Have you ever gotten so sick of someone whining and complaining? Of aspiring author bloggers going, "well, why doesn't the industry change, cause we all know I'm the next big star. The industry should come to me".

Really? Are you serious? The agents should just flock to you? Publishers should beat a fast path to your door since you wrote a story? Reality check time, friends. This industry isn't going to flock to anybody. You gotta put in the leg work. Gotta do the grunt stuff. You have to show you work and play well with others. Ranting about how much you think the industry should come to you proves the last. Really, why don't you shoot yourself in the foot and then the head, because you are pretty much wearing a sign that says, 'unprofessional'? SHUT UP!

The other side of this is rant is an author I follow who blogs everyday about how much work they are NOT getting done. This author is not the first and won't be the last, but it doesn't take long to start sighing. After the hundreds of excuses thrown out there, you just want to say – shut up and work on your WIP instead of putting nonsense on your blog. Do I really have to read your silly blog post on this is a fun link I found or how your kid is just driving you crazy or the hubby doesn't understand me? Seriously. Are you trying to say, 'my life sucks, so feel sorry for me'? Stop making excuses and knuckle down. That's what the rest of us have to do. WORK. Yeah, that's spelled W-O-R-K! As in do your job. As in get your story done. WORK!

Don't get me wrong, there are a few bloggers I get into. They make their blogs entertaining. Romance in the Back Seat is one of them. Sandra Sookoo's is another. I used to follow Jessica Rabbit's blog until I lost all my bookmarks :(

Maybe, I'm just tired of all the whining and complaining. Perhaps, I got fed up with the pity party mentality. I guess I should have given the bloggers who do bitch and complain thanks for at least making the attempt.

But, is it worthwhile? You tell me.

Until next time...




  1. Ahhh Bella! You crack me up. Almost choked on my chips. I have to agree with you, I have seen a lot of blog posts going on lately about everything you just ranted about. I don't think ANY writer, published or not, should just assume the publishers should come to them because they're 'hot stuff.' And the complaints about not being able to concentrate on work is just... I personally don't care about it, but I have to admit to doing the same . BUT in private messages to my friends, I don't think I've ever blogged about it. I wouldn't want to bore people I don't really know with my lack of being able to concentrate. Which is another thing I don't understand. If you can concentrate long enough to blog about not being able to concentrate why can't you focus that onto your work instead of your blog?

  2. I hear the whole concentration part - I'm guilty too. There are just those days when the brain remains in bed.

    Thanks for stopping by, J. Bunny

  3. You're welcome. And I love that nickname!

  4. This was a great post and very timely too. There are so many writers and alleged authors out there who'd rather sink their time and energy into complaining. Thanks for being the voice of those of us out there who are tired, too.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi. Yeah, enevitably, it just gets on your last nerve.

  6. And I so can't spell today - lol