Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sci-fi Saturday

Meet the Navorains.

The Navorains are an ancient culture and one of the founding members of the League of Sentient Beings (think Intergalactic council here). Their planet of origin, Lazarus 7, was abandoned 4000 years ago when their eco-system collapsed. The Navorains are adventurous and curious by nature. They were also brutally territorial until the planet they relocated to after the collapse of Lazarus 7, Navora, was destroyed by a weapon of mass destruction, the T-9 Planet Killer.

The League of Sentient Beings interceded before the remaining Navorains went on a blood feud against the Andromedains for destroying Navora. The Navorains were promised planets, riches, anything and everything to keep the mighty warriors with their immense and technologically advanced galactic class starships, the War Galleys, from warring against Andromeda. In the end, the Navorains remained neutral, but war was inevitable. The Last Great War broke out and lasted almost ten years. The death toll was too high to calculate, but the League of Sentient Beings understood that had the Navorains entered the battles, the final tally would have been far worse.

Without a planet, the Navorains now journey through space which they refer to as 'their kingdom'. Their mission is two-fold. They were charged with protecting the Outer Rim from intruders originating in unknown space. They are also in need of women to re-populate their dwindling numbers. Currently there are only 20,000 Navorains in existence—mostly men.

Intimate Space is the first installment in the 'Kingdom of Stars' series.

You can buy it here :

I hope to have Sacred Space completed sometime this fall.

Next Saturday, stop by and meet Coleverus Fis Tulden.

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