Monday, March 29, 2010

Shh, it'll be out tonight!

What happens when I watch too much History Channel, get a really hot idea and add it to my vivid imagination?

This time—I’ll be very, very, very bad.

To win her heart, this Fay Prince will have to fulfill all her naughty fantasies.

Lady Danielle Hampton has really made a muck of her life. Not only is she guilty of entreating carnal fantasies, but her aunt has sold her into slavery to pay off the family’s debts. Little does Danielle know the group she’s been purchased to service aren’t just Lords and Princes, they are the legends from which fairytales are wrought.
Prince Gabriel LeFay is in search of his next mate. First he has to find a woman who is as uninhibited as his kind, the Fairefolk, and then he has to teach her the ways of a submissive. In Danielle he finds the woman of his dreams. She’ll try anything once or even thrice. The trick to earning her love is to become the man of her fantasies.

On the Liquid Silver Books rating scale – this story is:
MOLTEN: Ménage, orgy, M/F/F, F/F, M/F/M, M/M/M/F, anal sex, light BDSM, public sex.

Watch for it tonight after 7 PM at Liquid Silver Books.

Want more from me. I aim to please. Keep your eyes peeled for the last installment in the ‘For Me’ series. Purr for Me is coming soon from Cobblestone Press. Also, Valkyr will be out the end of next month from Eirelander Publishing.

Have a great night everybody.


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