Saturday, April 3, 2010

Purr for Me - Now Available

Do you like a little were-cat? I do.

Check it out. My latest release from Cobblestone Press. Purr for Me.

Taking a mate has never been this dangerous or so pleasureable.

Bryanna Stabler needs a diversion of the sexual persuasion. Worn out from months on the campaign trail, she’s willing to risk her reputation by hooking up with her boyfriend, Alexi Bolshenski, in an out of the way motel. A meeting that will rock her world in more ways than one.

Is it possible that Alexi Bolshenski, the last Maltese Tiger, has finally found his life mate? If the desire he feels for her is an indicator, yes. One man stands between him and performing the mating. Her influential father.

You can buy it here.

Hope you enjoy,


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