Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Primal Rage, Book Three of the Hellfire Club is out!

Primal Rage – Book Three of the Hellfire Club Releases

And I’m so flipping excited I can’t stand it. If you fell in
love with Duncan MacGreggor from Scream for Me, The One for Me and Ghillie Duhb
then you’ll really enjoy his parent’s story-Primal Rage, Book Three of the
Hellfire Club.

The blurb to whet your appetite

He’ll bring out the best and worst in her.

A pariah amongst London’s elite, Julia Westchester has
become the toast of Parisian society. She’s stunning, well-versed, and in high
demand. Little does she know the real reason she’s garnered the attention of
many a young man is that she’s half paranormal and about to enter her first
mating season.

The enigmatic leader of the harbingers of death, Dante
MacGreggor, was promised Julia’s hand in marriage shortly after she was born.
Now that she’s finally matured, he has to open her to the world of the paranormals
and their mating rituals and protect her from his many enemies.

Her predictions tell a grim tale. His foes don’t care. They’ll
move mountains to have Julia for their own.

Of course this blog post wouldn’t be complete without the
cover art created by the amazing Anne Cain.

More information to come!



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